About Junie Tees

Junie Tees has been evolving into existence for years. Each member of the team came at it from a different direction. The graphic artist. The business manager. The idea person. In one way or another, each found themselves involved in tee shirts until the topic became a little more commonplace in family discussion than might be considered normal. “That would make a great tee shirt!” became a household phrase.

Enter the Corona Virus pandemic. Julie, the idea person, came down with the virus and developed what is known as being a “long hauler”. Unable to return to her corporate position due to debilitating long term symptoms, she diverted her mind with family time. After five months of disability the time to return to the corporate world loomed closer and closer. Priorities had changed and long hours away from the family working the corporate life no longer held any attraction.

She still craved hard work but preferred to spend the long hard hours surrounded by family. The solution was obvious and “That would make a great tee shirt” became the spark that ignited the fire.

Junie Tees was born out of a passion for fun design and more family time. Our name is derived from our love of the outdoors and wilderness spaces. The Juniper, or Junie tree grows abundantly around our home and features prominently on every hill and mountain. We hope our Junie Tees inspire you to feature them prominently in your wardrobe.

From our small family owned shop in a graphic design studio, we promise to give you a great experience shopping with us whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one. Stay tuned as we turn more of Julie’s ideas into fun and inspirational tee shirts.